Purchase and Sale of a Business

Our attorneys help clients buy or sell businesses in the Seattle area. At Barrett & Gilman, we have a combined total of more than 90 years of experience in business law and related matters. We use the knowledge we have acquired to advise and represent people seeking to buy or sell a business. If you are planning to grow your corporation by buying a business, or if you have identified a purchaser for your business, contact our attorneys.

Undertaking due diligence during the purchase or sale of a business

We make sure that the buyer has full knowledge of the assets and liabilities of the business being purchased. We make sure that the seller’s compensation is secure and that the seller is aware of all variables affecting the final sales price. Whether we represent the buyer or the seller, we assist our client with the due diligence required when buying or selling a business. Our attorneys make sure that our client has no surprises after the conclusion of the transaction.

We make sure that buyers receive a:

  • Statement of assets, including real estate, contracts, goodwill, sales expectations, and key employees
  • Statement of liabilities, including taxes, environmental concerns, pending legal actions, outstanding stock, and accounts payable

We negotiate the sale price on behalf of the seller. We structure the purchase, negotiating the deferral, the pricing conditions, and the security agreements. We make sure that taxes are paid, that the title is clear, and liens have been satisfied so that the sale will proceed as intended.

When buying or selling a business, make sure you have the advice of a knowledgeable lawyer

Whether we represent the buyer or seller of a business, we believe that an important part of our role in such transactions is to advise the client about likely problems and uncertainties. When we draft or review purchase and sale agreements, we make sure that they contain provisions that protect our client from exposure. Whether you are undertaking a merger with an existing company or are acquiring another business, our business law attorneys will ensure that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Hire Our Business Lawyers For Your Business

For effective and reasonable representation in the purchase or sale of a business, contact our Seattle law firm. We have the experience and knowledge to assist you with this important transaction. Call us today at 206-464-1900 or fill out our free online contact form for more information.