Seattle Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys

Our Seattle lawyers represent individual and business policyholders in all types of insurance bad faith claims. If you have paid premiums for many years and submit a claim for a covered event, you expect to receive payment.

When your insurance carrier declines to pay, talk to the attorneys of Barrett & Gilman to see if you have an insurance bad faith claim.  Call us today at 206-464-1900 or fill out our free online contact form.

Don’t face an insurance company alone after a denial

You should be represented and advised by an experienced attorney in any insurance bad faith matter. You should consider obtaining representation before submitting to an examination under oath, Insurance companies have access to vast legal resources; you should have the same. At Barrett & Gilman, our lawyers have been involved in insurance bad faith claims for many years. Our combined experience totals more than 90 years. If your insurance company wrongly denied a claim for a covered event or offered a very low settlement, contact an attorney at our Seattle law firm to discuss your situation.

All types of insurance, all types of claims

We represent individuals, business owners, marine insurance policy holders, and automobile owners. Our insurance bad faith cases have included matters involving:

  • Stolen cars
  • Burglary
  • Fire damage
  • Catastrophic car and truck accidents
  • Disability insurance claims
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Business losses

Seek the advice of a lawyer who knows the tactics used by insurers

In our years of helping people obtain the benefits that are legally theirs, we have seen different tactics used by insurance companies to deny payment. Some insurance companies deny a significant percentage of claims, assuming the most of the denied claimants will do nothing. Some insurers ask questions unrelated to the claim, hoping to find an unrelated discrepancy with which to contest the claim. Insurance companies have the resources fight an appeal. When you are facing this level of opposition, seek the advice of a seasoned attorney to help with an insurance bad faith claim.

If you have been denied insurance benefits for an event that should have been covered, contact Barrett & Gilman at 206-464-1900 or fill out our free online contact form. Let us use our years of experience and knowledge of the insurance industry to obtain the payment you deserve.